From Superbowl commercials to Primetime ads, the emergence of Do It Yourself website firms have leaped into our living rooms attempting to convince us viewers that building your own website is easy and – get this… even free in some instances. But before you launch yourself out of your barka lounge to build your own website, let me compare the notion of building your own site to that of ‘Do It Yourself Tailoring’ or ‘Do It Yourself Dressmaking’. How so you ask? The reasoning is simple, while you may have all the finest threads, needles, fabric and sewing machines at your disposal… you are hardly in a position to make yourself the definitive suit or gown that will not only provide you the unlimited functions you demand but be stylish and formidable enough to stand comfortably amongst your peers who in many cases are wearing Giorgio Armani.

aprivateopinionWhile you take painstaking time and pride in your products, services, or work… this doesn’t necessarily transfer into a well delivered website which rightfully so, is an extension of who you are. And though these DIY website firms would like you believing their “web specialists” care or know jack about you, your business, your sector, or even your competitors, you’ll be quick to realize that you are really on your own and that your website…er dress is fit for a wallflower and not a supermodel.

What is most amusing from the self delusions of those attempting to build their own website is their belief that since it involves colors and pictures – anyone can do it… even you. As if building an effective website only consisted of making design choices. I’d be tempted to delve deeper into the rest of the elements that deliver a site that truly performs, but you might think you can tackle these as well – or better still because you now read my posts, think you’ve become a web expert yourself.

The reality is that the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach simply doesn’t work and that today’s multimedia sites rely on a variety of platforms and technologies to be effective – beyond those offered at these quick, self-design or free-site operations. Spouting what works for Client A – may or may not work for Client B – and you most likely don’t know or understand why. We know that every client has custom needs and for this reason – warn against the ‘me as well’ services the DIY website firms are delivering… lest you be hoisted by your petards.

And although your need for self preservation will probably blind you to any ridiculous design, dis-functional, or short sighted choices you make along the way, at least you got something up right? Wrong… and your competition knows this. That’s why they hired a professional design firm to firmly clock the pants off your DIY site, and most likely, connect in ways with your potential clients you aren’t even aware of. So go on, keep sewing your own suit or gown… a design firm right now is providing an entire wardrobe for your competition.