As a full service agency, we are frequently asked by start ups why they should bother having their their own website – deeming that their social media presence is sufficient in spite of the many advantages they presume to know about owning a website. Surprised to hear the question as often as we do, it dawned on me that a very fundamental misunderstanding has fallen unto the minds of many people. The understanding – that social media has been created for any reason other than to sell you stuff – has completely escaped the shallow minds of the masses. Let’s start with that premise and we’ll work our way back into putting some sense into the deluded.

Social media circles are all about membership. The reason is simple. Once the membership community gains girth, it is a captured member list network to whom marketeers can now advertise to. And although your favorite social media circle may not be riddled with Ads right now, it is only a matter of time before it will be. The reason is sustainability. There is no other way any current or next best thing social media circle sprouting can survive without advertising. So the question remains… Why would you build your entire business around a marketing platform someone else owns? To do so is beyond absurd. Here’s five reasons why…

  1. Think of your website as an information hub that is accessible by everyone… your social media circle is limited to those in your circle or a member of the site.
  2. Your website provides endless design and functionality… not limited to the cookie cutter looks and functions your social media’s page is limited to.
  3. I don’t care that your social media circle is free… when you are living digitally on borrowed space that someone else owns, you are subject to their conditions, membership clauses and rules.
  4. No matter how many times you may try to convince me, myself nor others take you seriously without a real web page. Period.
  5. Use Social Media circles to attract and tease fans or customers to your site. When used together, you forge a doubled edge approach to your web presence.

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