3D Space Design

Still using boring white floor plans to showcase your showroom, store, or space? Nectar uses the award winning 3D Vista Floor Plan software, to deliver beautiful and professional floor plans in both 2D and/or 3D Space Designs. Make your presentations, virtual tours, brochures, prospectuses, or projects pop with a 3D space design depiction that will really turn heads.

How it works…


1. We’ll sketch your draft.
Whether your space merely exists in your mind’s eye, on a napkin, or on a traditional flat floor plan, send it to us and we’ll do the magic.


2. We’ll apply textures, furniture, props and products.
From floor to ceiling – textures (like wood, marble, stone, tiles) and even furniture and products will be placed and applied into your space.


3. We’ll render your floor plan space in 3D.
This will allow you and others to view, rotate, light, zoom and export for lifelike renditions.

Industry Use Cases

3D Space Design is relied upon by professionals in a wide range of industries that include…
Set Designers
Real Estate Brokers
Building Managers
Retail Store Merchandizers
and Architects
Nectar’s 3D Space Design solution is a must have for organizations and individuals ready to bring their projects to life with vivid visualization and stunning 3D space rendering.

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