Technology, Strategy & Social Media

The best solutions are based on knowledge.

Our starting point is premised in understanding your business today and vision for its future. Our go to market strategies span mediums and leverage research, technology, and social media for maximum impact.


Competitor Analysis

Nectar’s tuned and comprehensive understanding of the competitor landscape in a cross section of industries delivers intelligence used in building feasible solutions that our clients really want and need.

User & Market Research

Understanding the demographics and psychographics of clients is pivotal in delivering sustainable solutions. Nectar frequently conducts usability and user study focus groups to better understand our client’s users, their needs, and their habits – resulting in solutions that work as they should the first time.

CMS & Content Strategy

Nectar’s team of brilliant engineers will assist your organization in using, integrating, and deploying the right Content Management System. From developing the right content taxonomies and hierarchies to full deployments of Drupal and WordPress, Nectar will assist you every step of the way.

Systems Integration

Seamless integration with existing or future systems is just one of the ways Nectar can assist you in getting the most value from your online strategy. Our web solutions bridge the gap between your brick and mortar and your online presence to conduct business in ways you previously only imagined.

Hardware & Software Architecture

Complex workflows can be made simpler when considering the right hardware and software options available. Let Nectar’s firm grasp and expertise of the hardware and software landscape assist you in making better IT decisions that may otherwise prove costly and inefficient.

Social Media

Nectar will help you strategically navigate the social media hype to make the most of your voice and what is being said about you. From social buzz campaigns to timely news and information, Nectar will create, distribute, and serve your social content in ways that maximize your relevancy and exposure.