Video & Audio Production

Awe inspiring visuals with sound that’s spellbinding.

Extending beyond the printed word in today’s marketing is no longer a luxury, it is a must have. Your unique vision and dynamic identity demands serious video and sound production that sets you apart from the ordinary – into the extraordinary.


Digital Photography & HD Video Cinematography

Stunning images and video can mean the difference between being taken seriously and being discarded. Let Nectar’s arsenal of professional studio tools shoot and showcase your latest project or product in the best possible light. Media attained in this manner can then be used across the various touch points in your branding and selling efforts – from TV to web and mobile devices.

Digital Video Editing & Production

From creatives to industrials, Nectar will shoot, edit and produce your video project on time and on budget. Our experience and access into the music and film entertainment space is instrumental in bringing your creative vision to life. From indie films to product launches and sales event kickoffs, let Nectar deliver your marketing message in a way that your audience will appreciate and come to expect.

Commercial & Promotional Videos

Have your project burst onto the scene with high impact using a commercial or promotional video that will set the bar for your marketing campaigns going forward. Nectar’s efforts in producing any assortment of commercial or promotional pieces that best suit your budget will be used in creating, updating, and maintaining your branding and online presence.

Tutorials & Training Videos

How to videos and video tutorials are a great way to empower and enable your audience. It is no secret that video tutorials are one the quickest and most efficient means by which client loyalty and customer service can be established and grow. Nectar can produce and deliver your video tutorials with clear and deliberate support of your corporate objectives.

Virtual Tours

Bring your world into your client’s world with a virtual tour that showcases your space. Perfect for real estate, property, and venue listings, showing off your brick and mortar space has never been easier. Nectar believes that the best way to have your clients walk through your front doors is to allow them a virtual peek inside that will entice them and invite them back for more.

Sound Design, Editing, & Scoring

We understand that skilled sound design can either make or break your project. Nectar will design, record, and mix the perfect score to your latest project. Reliant on our keen ear and access to some of the most skilled artists, musicians, and engineers – your project will come alive with professional studio sound.

Studio Trailers & Teasers

Ready to have your film really leave a lasting impression on your intended audience? Nectar will cut your studio trailer and package your film teaser considering the widest range of artistic options. Using proven cinema studio formulas geared at raising audience anticipation and interest, Nectar’s trailer cut will leave your audience raving and begging to see more.

Animation & Motion

Motion and Cinema4D animation give your projects the necessary edge needed to stand apart from your competitors. When production value means everything to the launch of your promotional campaign, Nectar will animate your video project and deliver the surreal experience you demand.

2D & 3D Production Rendering

Advancements in 2D and 3D production rendering has now made it possible to demonstrate and showcase your products in ways previously deemed cost prohibitive. Nectar caters to startups by providing new and emerging product 3D digital prototypes as a means by which to effectively communicate an individual product’s uniqueness and race to market.